Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rod Berg Creative comic strip collaboration with The Art of Frank, Inc.

Rod recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Frank Espinoza, CEO/Owner of The Art of Frank, Inc. Frank is an amazingly talented New York based illustrator. Frank created a promotional comic strip for Rod Berg Creative. The strip is reminiscent of classic Sunday Comic Strips, which are especially in tune with Rod and the origins of his career in the arts. As a child in Los Angeles, Rod’s was neighbor to the famed animator Bill Melendez, who was responsible for bringing Charlie Brown and friends to life! Rod has fond memories of visiting Bill’s studio. The die was cast for a career in the arts thanks to ‘A Boy Named Charlie Brown’.

Frank is also a former pupil of Rod back in his college years. Rod is delighted to have helped Frank start his career and see his ever-exciting career unfold.

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